Bath Fashion Museum March 2013

Year 10 Textiles students in replica dressesVictoria and PoppyKaty and Megan“Ice Queen” designs for the House of Alexander McQueen.A group of KS4 and 5 textiles students went to Bath Fashion Museum in March and took part in a two hour workshop ‘Manipulating Fashion’. They gained hands on experience of how fabric can be manipulated to create a variety of shapes and styles. They used inspiration from the numerous exhibitions in the museum with particular emphasize based on the display of ‘Fifty Fabulous Frocks’ ranging from 1760 through to the present day. Inspiration was taken from Schiaparelli, Poiret, Vionnet, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent – as well as today’s most desired fashion designers and brands – Erdem, Burberry, John Rocha.

Later they had the opportunity of ‘dressing up’ in replica garments ranging from crinolines, corsets and Victorian dresses. They gained an understanding of how restricting clothing was and how the weighty the garments were.

The highlight of the trip was, The Dress of the Year 2011. This was part of the
Sarah Burton’s Autumn/Winter 2011 “Ice Queen” designs for the House of Alexander McQueen. Sarah Burton then went on to design Kate Middleton’s Wedding dress for her marriage to Prince William.



Safety Wear

Laptop bag with security insert

3D modelling

Wooden Bi Plane


Toy Making

New Mouse design

Considering a career in Design, Engineering, Architecture, Marketing, Manufacturing, Motorsport, IT, Animation, Media, Art and Design or any other numbe rof sectors then PRODUCT DESIGN should an integral part of your plans. At some of the top schools in this country over 25% of the students are choosing to study Product Design to A level because of the opportunities in engineering and technical industries in the UK and abroad.

PRODUCT DESIGN is open to all students at both GCSE and A LEVEL. For A LEVEL as long as you get a C in your DT (any subject) at GCSE then you can join the PRODUCT DESIGN course.

PRODUCT DESIGN at GCSE and A LEVEL gives you the freedom to explore lot’s of different materials and the design process in a creative and relaxed environment.

PRODUCT DESIGN students from Chipping Campden have a history of going on to top engineering, art and design universities.

PRODUCT DESIGN at Chipping Campden School has excellent results in raising students attainment.

KS3 Textiles

Design and Technology KS3 Textiles work.

Pugglies‘ – variety of ugly dolls created by year 7 students using hand emboidery to create unusual feature.

The small variety of ‘Containers’ are created by year 8 incorporating a fastening and applique.

Finally year 9 ‘Hat’ creations to include a logo using the computerised sewing machine and modelled by the students.

Former Chipping Campden Textiles student named the winner of the ‘Visionary Knitwear’ award.

Caitlin Charles-Jones, a former A’level textiles student, has been named the winner of the ‘Visionary Knitwear’ award by experts from the fashion industry. She has now secured a place at the Royal College of Art to study an MA in Women’s Knitwear.
Caitlin achieved an ‘A’ grade in GCE Product Design (Textiles) under the guidance of Miss Streeter in 2007/8. Pictured is the black bias cut satin ball gown designed and created by Caitlin as part of her A2 Level coursework.



The year 7 STEM in Sport day was run by the By Design group and was a really interesting day spent looking at how STEM is relevant to lots of sports and how the STEM subjects are used by professional sports people to help them measure and improve their performance.

A special mention must go to Caitlin O’Reagan who put in an impressive display on the BATAK reactions board.